HR54 DIRECTV Genie Home Media Center HD DVR. Supports recording 5 channels at once and 3 simultaneous output streams via clients. Contains wireless networking technology. Remote supports both IR and RF. 1 TB size records up to 200 hours of High Definition video. Please note that DIRECTV generally considers all new equipment activated after March, 2006 to be leased equipment. DIRECTV will typically only allow one Genie to be active per account and will require a two-year commit to DIRECTV upon activation



Introducing Genie™ from DIRECTV.

An HD DVR so advanced, your every TV wish is granted.

 Requires C41 Client or an RVU-enabled TV/device for each additional room. Additional fees apply.  Access to programming based on package selection. Blackout restrictions apply to sports programming. Program must air in HD to record in HD.  Based on one Genie HD DVR setup (model HR34 Advanced
Whole-Home DVR only). Actual recording capacity varies based on type of programming being recorded. Program must air in HD to record in HD. Remote viewing requires a model C31 Client, H25 HD Receiver(s) or RVU-enabled TV/device in each additional room, a SWiM network and Advanced Receiver Service ($20/mo.).

GENIE™ SERVES YOUR ENTIRE HOME WITH ONE HD DVR — With Genie™, enjoy a full HD DVR experience
on every TV in your home. Now you can record, pause, fast-forward, rewind and delete pre-recorded shows
from any room. You can even start watching in one room and finish in any other. Plus, your family can watch
the same pre-recorded show simultaneously in up to 4 rooms.

GENIE™ ELIMINATES RECORDING CONFLICTS — Genie™ lets you record any 5 shows you want —
all at the same time — all in HD — and all with one central HD DVR.
GENIE™ STORES ALL YOUR FAVORITES — Genie™ has more than enough room, so you'll never have to
delete your favorite shows to make room for new ones. Genie
™ comes with a 1 terabyte HD DVR storage
drive with up to 3 times more HD recording capacity than cable.
GENIE™ ELIMINATES INCONVENIENT BOXES — Genie™ serves your entire home, so you can enjoy a full
HD DVR experience on every TV in your home — without seeing boxes in every room.
GENIE™ IS SUPER SMART — Genie™ even recommends new shows you might like, based on the ones you
typically watch. It’s never been easier to discover new favorites.
GENIE™ Now with built-in wireless

What are the Genie and Clients?

The Genie is our best HD DVR ever! It is the entertainment hub of the home and shares content seamlessly with other
connected devices, also known as Clients. These Clients can be the DIRECTV Clients or other devices such as RVU-enabled
TVs, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players.

What is RVU and how does it work?

RVU is a software technology that is built into the Genie, enabling it to act as a server for the smaller Clients.
RVU allows the Clients to access all live and recorded content from the Genie, as well as User Interface (UI) features
and broadband-based services.

What do the Clients do?

B y definition, Clients do not contain tuners of their own. They connect to the Genie in order to access its programming,
recorded content and other DVR functionality. You’ll need one Client for each additional TV unless it is RVU enabled.

Can I use a Client by itself?

B ecause the Clients do not have tuners, they cannot receive DIRECTV programming or respond to DVR commands
without being connected to the Genie.

How many TVs does the Genie provide with DIRECTV service?

The Genie can be connected to up to 8 separate rooms, providing full DVR functionality and DIRECTV programming for
each connected TV.

How many shows can I record and watch at once?

Each Genie has five tuners so you can record up to 5 programs of your choice at a time. If you are recording a show on the Genie,
you can watch it at the same time in up to three other rooms. You can also play the show later in multiple rooms simultaneously.

DISH claims Hopper can record up to 6 shows at once — is that true?

The Hopper only has 3 tuners, so outside of Primetime hours you can only record up to 3 shows at once. And even with
their Primetime Anytime feature, they're forcing you to record the channels they want you to record. With Genie, you have
the freedom and power to record any 5 shows you want at once, anytime you want, all in HD.

Is DISH's Hopper compatible with RVU-TVs and game consoles?

No, only DIRECTV's Genie is RVU-enabled. That means that Genie works with your RVU-TVs and game consoles so you
can enjoy total receiver-less TV.